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Auxiliary at Clifton Springs Hospital

Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic Auxiliary, founded in 1959, plays a vital role throughout Clifton Springs Hospital. Ninety members donated 13,046 hours of service in 2014 and the Auxiliary hopes to exceed that number in 2015.

The Auxiliary supports the hospital by:

  • staffing the hospital's two information desks, and greeting, directing, and assisting patients and visitors;
  • performing a variety of functions throughout the hospital, including assisting patients and residents with daily activities such as filling out menus, taking walks, and maintaining the exterior gardens;
  • contributing $36,000 in the past 24 months to the hospital; and
  • providing comfort and encouragements to patients and families through spiritual care.

The Auxiliary's community outreach includes:

  • sponsoring two community blood drives each year by coordinating scheduling, assisting with room setup, promoting the events, registering donors, and serving refreshments;
  • sponsoring a child fingerprint/identification (65 kids) and safety seat inspection (ten seats) event during the community Sulphur Springs Festival;
  • awarding $8,000 annual through the Gertrude Bates Scholarship award to outstanding Midlakes High School seniors who will be studying nursing; and
  • displaying and distributing information from the Rochester Eye and Tissue Bank during Organ Donation Month.

The Auxiliary's collaboration/partnerships include:

  • working with the Sheriff's Department for the child ID/ fingerprinting, car seat safety inspection, and pharmaceutical were taken off the streets);
  • partnering with the local Girl and Boy Scout Troops to sponsor a Family Fun Walk and Scavenger Hunt last November, which 60 people attended;
  • collaborating with the Ontario Pathways to coordinate a photo contest along the pathways with guided walks in January and May; and
  • working with Main Street Arts Gallery to arrange an exhibition of the photos taken along the Ontario Pathways.

Examples of the Auxiliary's advocacy:

  • The Auxiliary is involved with the Midlakes schools promoting wellness initiatives by encouraging the community to live healthier, happier lives.
  • The Auxiliary President is a member of the Hospital Wellness Committee promoting healthier eating habits and activities of employees and their families.
  • The Auxiliary is collaborating with the Ontario Pathways and Main Street Arts Gallery to encourage the community to hike the trails and enjoy the outdoors by taking photos that will be displayed at the gallery to promote wellness and creativity.

New Auxiliary initiatives:

After attending HANYS' Institute for Healthcare Auxiliaries and Volunteer Leaders, the auxilians were excited about the wellness initiative. The initial focus targeted families and the collaboration of Scout Troops and Ontario Pathway. The Scouts created a scavenger hunt, placing distance markers along the route. At each quarter mile, participants collected bracelets. The Trail and Art event encouraged people to connect with their local environment and inner creativity. Activities are being planned to assist the hospital with its wellness initiatives.

If you are interested in learning more about the Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic Auxiliary, please contact Rev. Gail Conners at (315) 462-0142.