Economic and Community Impact of United Memorial Medical Center

Your Hospital Provides Quality Healthcare

  • 220,000 Outpatients Provided Care
  • 21,000 People Treated in the Emergency Room
  • 4,100 People Admitted to Your Hospital
  • 600 Babies Delivered

Your Hospital Improves the Economy & Community 

  • $140,000,000 Economic Activity
    • The economic activity generated by hospitals - through jobs and the purchasing of goods and services - makes up more than 10% of the state's entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • $16,000,000 Tax Dollars Generated 
    • New York Hospitals are responsible for generating significant tax dollars and stimulate the economies of your local community and the whole state.
  • $8,200,000 Community Benefits & Investments
    • Adhering to their charitable mission, hospitals cover the cost of care provided to people in need; subsidize care and services to low-income, elderly, and under-served communities; and continuously invest in many community health initiatives. 
  • 1,200 Jobs Generated
    • Hospitals and health systems are often the largest employers in communities, generate many more jobs, and are a top 10 private sector employer in every region of New York State.

Your Hospital Relies on State & Federal Funding

  • 55% Reimbursement from Medicaid and Medicare
    • A large portion of hospital reimbursement is tied to underpayments from Medicaid and Medicare; Medicaid only pays 76 cents for each dollar of care and Medicare only pays 97 cents.