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Myers Community Hospital

Myers Community Hospital Collection


42 Linear Feet (73 Boxes, 8 Volumes, 5,000 Photographs


The Myers Community Hospital Collection consists of records of the Board of Directors , including governing documents, membership information, meeting minutes (1977-1996), Annual Reports (1970-1982), correspondence( 1964-1965) and various subcommittees (1979-1997); Includes records of the Hospital Administrator/President/CEO consisting of records of correspondence, meeting minutes, legal documents and records from the individual hospital clerical departments; Additionally includes documents of the Medical Staff membership (1975-1984, meeting minutes (1955-1998), and sub-committee records (1983-1984); Financial records including statements (1964-1996), budgets (1983), HERF seminars (1990-1992) and investment policies, Myers Community Hospital Foundation records including membership, meeting minutes (1996-2000) and donation records (Nov1996); Various documents relating to the allied organizations the TWIG association (1987-1998) and ViaHealth of Wayne (1998); The collection further includes various records from the clinical departments, and publications such as the Heartbeat (1969-1996) Myers Community Hospital Communications newsletters (1977-1996), and other minor publications and ephemera; Subject files arranged alphabetically, documents relating to hospital affiliations (Finger Lakes Area Hospital Corp. 1974-1997) and various scrapbooks and photographs.

Processed by Robert J. Dickson & James Bailey
September 2010 March 2011

Historical Sketch:

The Myers Community Hospital was first opened in 1900 as the Myers Hospital. The owner and chief physician was John F. Myers, MD. Its original location was in the former residence and office of his mentor, Levi M. Gaylord, MD in Sodus, N.Y. Dr. Myers was a native of the community and the hospital was initially staffed by two nurses and had 15 beds. Myers hospital was the only hospital between Rochester and Oswego along the southern edge of Lake Ontario. Although a private hospital, Myers hospital was opened to any qualified physician to use to treat their patients. The building was expanded in 1924 with the addition of a separate wing and also the addition of the Doctor’s son Dr. F. Linwood Myers, MD to the medical staff that same year. Dr. F. Linwood Myers assumed management of the hospital after the death of John Myers on December 25, 1942. The hospital continued to grow to meet the medical needs of the Northern Wayne County community. In 1955, Dr. Myers sold the hospital to a corporation formed by the citizens of Northern Wayne County and the name was changed to Myers Community Hospital. Dr. Myers remained as Chief of surgery for a short period of time after the sale. Myers Community Hospital joined with Newark-Wayne Community hospital to form ViaHealth of Wayne, an affiliate of Rochester General Hospital in 1998. In 2002, the hospital closed due to conditions of the rapidly changing medical industry and the demands of a changing population centers in Wayne County.

Record Group Descriptions:

RG-01 Board of Directors

  • Boxes 1-23, Arranged in sub-series of Governing Documents, Membership, Correspondence, Meeting Minutes (1997-1996), Annual Reports (1970-1982), and Sub-Committees.

RG-02 Hospital Administration

  • Boxes 24-31, Arranged in sub-series of Administrator/President/CEO, (consisting of Correspondence, Manager’s Minutes (1989), Standing Administration Instructions and misc. Legal documents) and records of the various Hospital Departments (Clerical)

RG-03 Medical Staff

  • Boxes 32-39, Arranged in sub-series of Membership (By-laws and Attendance rosters), Meeting Minutes (1955-1960, 1982-1998), and Sub-committees.

RG-04 Financial

  • Boxes 40-42, Arranged in sub-series of Annual Statements (1964-1996), Budgets (1983), HERF Seminars (1990-1992) and Investment Policy Statements (1992-1993)

RG-05 MCH Foundation

  • Boxes 42-43, Arranged in sub-series of Membership, Meeting Minutes (strategic Plans 1996-2000), and Donations (1996)

RG-06 Allied Organizations

  • Boxes 44-45, Arranged in sub-series of TWIG Association (1987-1998), and ViaHealth of Wayne (1997-1998)

RG-07 Clinical Departments

  • Boxes 46, arranged in sub-series of Nursing (1980s), Surgery (1978-1991), Emergency Dept (1989), Laboratory (1989-1995), and Maternity.

RG-08 Publications

  • Boxes 47-49, Arranged in sub-series of Heartbeat Newsletter, (1969-1996), Update Employee Newsletter, (1977-1990), Ambulance Newsletters, (1982-1984), MCH Communications, (1989-1991), ViaHealth of Wayne Humor and Health newsletter, Finger Lakes Family Care Newsletter, (1995) and miscellaneous Ephemera (1962-1996)

RG-09 Subject Files

  • Boxes 50-65, Arranged alphabetically. Contains a wide variety of material covering past programs, former members of the Medical Staff, the Myers Community Hospital and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital merger, news releases, (1992-1996), surveys (1990-1997) and employee and volunteer recognition programs.

RG-10 Affiliations

  • Boxes 66-71, Arranged in one sub-series of the Finger Lakes Area Hospital Corporation (FLAHC) consisting of miscellaneous records covering Appeals (1974-1987), FLAHC Board (1908-1984), Experimental Payment program (1984) and various reports.

RG-11 Scrapbooks-News Clippings and Photographs

  • (8) Volumes of Scrapbooks containing news-clippings are arranged chronically. Photographs are arranged by subject and date.