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The Florence Nightengale American Legion Post

The Florence Nightengale Post of the American Legion was formed by a large group of Nurses affiliated with the Rochester General Hospital and consequently, is formally a part of the RGH Collection as Record Group 19.4

Within Record Group 19.4 consists sixteen sub-record groups called series.

Series 1:

Meeting Minutes Contains minutes from 1919-1993, Treasurer's Notebook from (1972-1979), and (1982-1985)

Series 2:

Governing Documents Contains Constitution, By-Laws, Minneapolis Affirmation (1994), Digest of Laws relating to Veterans (1951), Ceremonial for Regular meetings.

Series 3:

Unit Citations

Series 4

Membership Contains membership lists, Death Records (1921-1951), Death Notices, Attendance Book (1957-1979).

Series 5

Newspaper Clippings

Series 6


Series 7

Post History Contains history related documents, Scrapbook, 50th anniversary information.

Series 8


Series 9

Inventory of RC house

Series 10

Left Vacant

Series 11

Legionnaire-Monroe Contains editions from (Feb 1995) & (Dec 1998)

Series 12

The American Legion Contains editions from (1990-1998)

Series 13

The Register

Series 14

Veteran's Voice

Series 15

Pipeline Contains the (Fall 1994) edition

Series 16

Women's Veterans News Contains the (Fall 1993) edition

Series 17

Nominating Committee

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