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School of Nursing 1880

Jennie Agnew and Emma C. Norris, Nursing Students in 1889

The Hospital opened the 12th nurses' training school in the country and the third in New York State in 1880. Studies included the rudiments of nursing, but no instruction in anatomy or physiology was given. However, instruction was provided on basic hygiene, bandaging and massage.

Because there was no dorm, nursing students slept in the dome or any unoccupied room of the Hospital. Despite the grueling work, six members of the first two nursing classes became physicians. A total of 1,864 registered nurses graduated from the Training School for Nurses before it closed in 1964.

Nurses who became Doctors: Elizabeth Campbell, Mary Emma Dickinson, Kate A. Kathaway Salmon, A. Josephine Sherman-Buckley, Sarah H. Perry, and Marcina Sherman-Ricker