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The Spanish American War 1898

The Spanish-American War, like the Civil War a third of a century earlier, had a high incidence of deaths from disease. More soldiers died of yellow fever, malaria and camp disease than were lost through enemy fire.

Early on it was realized that nurses would be needed to staff military hospitals. The Irondequoit Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution coordinated the local effort. Rochester City Hospital Superintendent, Sophia Palmer was placed in charge of local nurse recruitment. Fifteen nurses from City Hospital and sixteen from Homeopathic (The Genesee) Hospital volunteered for service. In the end Thirty-two nurses would see service in military hospitals in the south and Cuba.

Nurses at Chickamauga Hospital

The Lady Managers of the Hospital rose to the occasion in early July by offering "all the privileges of the institution, without charge, to any whom were sick in the families of those who had gone to the war." The Directors offered the use of the Hospital on July 21st to the Secretary of War for any wounded men he might wish to send. Sick soldiers traveling through town were admitted on occasion. The City Hospital treated sixteen soldiers by war's end.


Miss Frances A. Graham R.C.H. 92 Pvt. Duty 8/4/98 Ft. McPherson, Ga
Miss May Lilian Carter R.C.H. 96 Pvt. Duty 8/7/98 Ft. McPherson, Ga
Miss Nellie A. Lewis R.C.H. 86 Pvt. Duty 8/21/98 Jacksonville, Fl
Miss Winifred Lewis R.C.H. 96 Pvt. Duty 8/24/98 Chattanooga, Tn
Miss Carrie Bates R.C.H. 96 Pvt. Duty 8/26/98 Chattanooga, Tn
Miss Lucena M. Goodell R.C.H. 95 Pvt. Duty 8/28/98 Chattanooga, Tn
Miss Alice Mary Parker R.C.H. 93 Pvt. Duty 8/29/98 Chattanooga, Tn
Miss Matilda P. Wright R.C.H. 94 Pvt. Duty 8/30/98 Chattanooga, Tn
Miss Ida Lynch R.C.H. 94 Pvt. Duty 9/2/98 Chattanooga, Tn
Miss Helen Burke R.C.H. 96 Pvt. Duty 9/4/98 Jacksonville, Fl
Miss Ella Hollister R.C.H. 86 Pvt. Duty 9/6/98 Montauk, NY
Miss Minnie Huff R.C.H. 91 Pvt. Duty 9/9/98 Jacksonville, Fl
Miss Harriet Gliddon R.C.H. 98 Pvt. Duty 9/9/98 Jacksonville, Fla
Mrs. C.C. Sweet R.C.H. 91 Pvt. Duty 9/22/98 Lexington, Ky
Miss Jennie S.        
Edmunds MacLean R.H.H. 92   8/7//98 Chickamauga, Ga
Miss Ruth A. Balley R.H.H. 96   8/7//98 Chickamauga, Ga
Miss Minnie Leary R.H.H. 97   8/7//98 Chickamauga, Ga
Margaret Shanks R.H.H. 97   8/7//98 Chickamauga, Ga
Stella R. Stevens R.H.H. 97   8/7//98 Chickamauga, Ga
Julia Cleary R.H.H. 97   8/7//98 Chickamauga, Ga
Alice M. Parker R.H.H. 93    8/7//98 Chickamauga, Ga
Bertha Hammond R.H.H. 97      
Edith Hargitt        
A. Margaret Healy        
F.E. Jacquith        
Sara Bernstein        
Clara A. Bates        
Miss Eliza McKinley Allegeny General Homeopathic 7/17/98 Ft. McPherson, Ga
Miss Lucretia S. Smart Mass. General R City Hosp 7/25/98 Ft. Meyer, Va
MissAnna Lockridge Radcliffe 96 Pvt. Duty 8/26/98 Chattanooga, Tn
Ida R. Palmer        
Miss Orphia Newhouse   Pvt. Dut 8/27/98 Chattanooga, Tn