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Isabelle Watson Hollister

i g watsonIsabelle Watson was born on May 9, 1858. The daughter of Don Alonzo and Caroline Watson, Mrs. Hollister was the wife of Granger A. Hollister.

As the Hospital’s Board of Supervisors first Treasurer, Mrs. Hollister diligently carried out her duties with a technical excellence and uncompromising commitment to the hospital’s financial support.

Her personal support of the hospital included annual large sum donations for the operation of the hospital and numerous contributions toward the care and treatment of poor patients, and to every possible object in the institution. In 1895 she furnished the eleven rooms of Hollister ward, which she maintained, thereby providing a comfortable and inexpensive private room for those unable to pay more.

In 1901 she generously donated the resources to construct a cottage on the hospital grounds designated as the home for the Superintendent of the hospital.

Upon the occasion of her death on April 19, 1903, the Training School Board offered this Memorial:

…her wonderful judgment and clear insight were of inestimable value. She brought to bear upon every question a warmth of interest, a loyalty to every individual, which constituted her a friend always turned to, and trusted, by every nurse who came in contact with her. She had the rare degree, that uncommon capacity for taking a firm position and maintaining it consistently, without antagonizing those whom she felt obliged to differ.

In summary, the Memorial declared that:

Her Life and Work must be our inspiration in the sad task which confronts us of learning to live without her.

Margaret H. Sibley, President