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John M Lee

john lee1852 - 1926

Doctor Lee was born in Cameron, Stuben County, New York, September 29, 1852 to Joseph and Sarah Lee. Dr. Lee attended the University of Michigan and graduated in 1878 with a degree in homeopathic medicine. He returned to Rochester, New York and set up a general practice for nine years. Dr. Lee then attended a surgical post graduate course in the Polyclinic in New York City in 1889. From 1890 until 1894 he trained at the Post Graduate School of New York devoting his career to surgery. Dr. Lee was one of the founders of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital and its Training School for Nurses.

In the first thirteen years of the hospital's history, he was the vice president of the medical and surgical staff, and at times a surgeon, surgeon in chief or consulting surgeon. In 1897 he established a private hospital on Lake Ave. Dr. Lee wrote articles and gave many addresses on medical and surgical subjects and co-authored a textbook on surgery. He held many honorary positions in city and county medical groups and also at the state and national level. Dr. Lee was also active in the community as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Genesee Valley Club.

Dr. Lee became interested in the use of radiation for the treatment of malignancies. He installed radiological equipment that was considered the best in the country at his hospital . Dr. Lee instituted free clinics for cancer treatment and his work won national recognition. Dr. Lee was at one time the president of the American Radium Society, being elected for his pioneer work in radiation therapy.

Dr. Lee was married twice. His first wife was Sarah Idella Ives, the daughter of Dr. Charles E. Ives of Savannah, New York. They were married September 28, 1876. Mrs. Lee was also a physician and was associated with him and his practice and was known professionally as Dr. S.I. Lee. The Lees had two children, Maude and Carrie Elizabeth. Dr. Sarah Lee died on October 11, 1897 of consumption at the age of 39. The second Mrs. Lee was Miss Carrie Thompson of Battle Creek, Michigan. They were married June 20, 1899 and did not have any children from the marriage. Dr. Lee died January 12, 1926 at his home. He was 73 years old.

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