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Lawrence J Bradley

lawrence j bradleyBorn in Clyde, NY in 1906, Lawrence J. Bradley began his college education at the University of Pittsburgh, which he attended for three years before moving to New York City to attend the Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing for Men in 1935. While serving as supervisor at Bellevue he gained his Bachelor of Arts from New York University in 1938. The following year he studied at the University of Chicago in the field of hospital administration.

Beginning his career in Rochester as an administrative assistant at Strong Memorial Hospital Bradley later became assistant director. In 1946 he became director of Genesee Hospital, a position he would hold for the next twenty years prior to retiring one month before his death in 1966.

During his tenure an ambitious building campaign was undertaken where the Center, East, and West Wings were erected changing the hospital from a small local hospital into a modern medical facility. The hospital was able to expand its campus as well as add innovative new health care technology while attempting to control rising medical costs of the era.

Bradley also was responsible for creating the affiliation between TGH and the University of Rochester School of Medicine and dentistry, as well as the Genesee School of Nursing’s connection with Monroe Community College. A year prior to his death, Bradley was awarded a citation from the Rochester Academy of Medicine for distinguished service to the medical profession, the first ever given to a non-medical doctor.

-Kevin Wilson