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Thomas Spencer

t d spencer mdThomas D. Spencer was born on May 7, 1856 in Richmondville, N.Y. He was educated in public schools and subsequently he attended the New York Homeopathic Medical Hospital where he graduated with high honors in 1878.

He relocated to Rochester where he established his practice of medicine and soon after was elected as secretary of the Monroe County Homeopathic Medical Society in 1884 and in 1888 was elected as the first Vice-President of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York.

Dr. Spencer was elected as the Vice-President of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital medical staff in 1899 and 1900 and President in 1901 and 1902.

Dr. Spencer died on March 31, 1910.

The memorial from the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital’s Board of Governors paid tribute to the doctor’s years of service:

As a member of the Staff, Dr. Spencer stood not only as embodying the most conspicuous medical skill, but was relied upon by the Board of Governors and the hospital management as furnishing that quality of interest and wisdom which has done most to make the success of the institution.

Similarly, the Board of Supervisors also commemorated Dr. Spencer’s work:

In the death of Dr. Spencer the Homeopathic Hospital has met an irreparable loss. From its very beginning he has been its true, devoted, and tireless friend. He has given unsparingly of his personal service; he has helped and counseled the Superintendent through many perplexing problems; he has endeared himself to all those who are charged with the administration of the hospital. We rejoice with you [his family] in the record of his noble and unselfish life, closed all too soon; and we sorrow with you in the bereavement into whose personal depths we may not enter.