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I was part of the St Marys family

Lisa Orlando
Former Employee (1989-1999) 
Billing Office

I worked at St. Mary's Foundation for 10 years and prior to that I did consultant work in the billing office. It was such a wonderful place to work. We were like family. You may not have known everyone by name, but everyone was friendly and spoke when you passed in the hallway. I had both of my children there. My son in 1995 and daughter in 1998. The nurses and doctors took such wonderful care of me and it wasn't just because they knew me, it was the way they treated everyone.
One of the best things St. Mary's did for its employees was the Employee Childcare Center. We were able to bring our children to work, visit them during the day and know they were very well cared for. It was a shame when the center closed, but we were all so grateful for the time it was there. I am proud to say that I was part of the "St. Mary's Family".