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My father was a physician at St Marys

David Montione
Son of physician (1970-Present)

Some of my favorite memories are being with my father, Dr. John F. Montione, at St. Mary's Hospital. When I was little, my father would take me with him on Saturday mornings to the hospital when he made rounds to see his patients. I would sit at the nurses station and he would come back to get me when he was done. We would walk to the physicians lounge, check his mail, he would let me punch the button that told the operator he was not in-house any more. We would then walk to the chapel, down the hallway with the glass windows of differn't colors. We would say a prayer for my brother John and then go home. Later in life, my father didn't like to drive. I used to drive him to meetings and take him in at night when he had to take care of women in labor at St. Mary's. We would talk the whole time and always walk with each other. I really enjoyed that time with my father, I lived with my father for the first 23 years of my life, and I always felt the most close to him when we went to St. Mary's together. David Montione R.N.