Aunt Christine

John Nicholson
Community member

I have a "Saint Joseph Sunday Missal" from 1953 when parts of the mass were said in Latin. One page is Latin and on the page next to it is the English translation. I have learned my prayers in Latin from this book. This Sunday Missal appears to have been given to Ruth Reis referred to as "Aunt Christine" by Sister Rose Bernard. There is a book marker (card) which has the name of Ruth Reis on the back. And reads "In remembrance of entrance into the Sodality of Our Lady, on December 8, 1938 at St. Mary's Hospital at 3:00 pm." At the bottom of the card is a name: "Sr Angela". The front of the card is a print of a little girl sitting on the altar looking at an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the door to a tabernacle. Ruth Reis appears to have been affectionately called "Aunt Christine" and also went by the name of Christine. Members of the Sodality of Our Lady were commonly also called the Children of Mary and this Sodality is sometimes known today as [Congregaciones Marianas] (in spanish languages nations) and [Congregações Marianas] (in Brazil) and are dedicated to the Catholic Church and serving Christ and neighbor.