I started my nursing career at St. Mary's

Carolyn Schroeder
former employee, born at St. Mary's (1989-1997)

I have many fond memories of St. Mary's Hospital. I did some of my nurse training there and I worked there as a nurse extern. When I graduated from MCC, I decided to start my career at St. Mary's. It was a great place to work. All of the staff got to know each other and we were like family. It was a small, close-knit hospital. The nurses who trained me when I was new gave me a strong foundation to base my career on. They were outstanding and I will never forget how much they helped me. I changed jobs in 1997, because I could see changes were going to be happening at St. Mary's. The closure of the acute care at St. Mary's was very sad and many of the nurses who had worked there for years had a very difficult transition. It was a tremendous loss for the staff and patients. I often think back to my early years in nursing and I am grateful to have begun at St. Mary's Hospital. I will never forget my time there. It was extra special because I happened to be born there, too!