Many thanks to the Brain Injury Unit

Bonnie Steltzer
Patient (2004) 
Brain Injury Unit

Thanks to the wonderful people on your Brain Injury Unit, I am able to do this now.
Riding a bike toting a trailer, the trailor was hit by a car. My helmet must have saved me: I have no memory of the actual accident or of the week afterward at Strong but I certainly remember you folks ( not great on names though, never was.)
Once my friends reassured me that everything at home was OK, my main concern was my loss of far vision. Didn't want to admit that I was scared. Kept thinking that it was from the injury and would return in time. It returned alright, when my trailer was retrieved from police impound.
I didn't remember that at the time of the accident that I had been wearing my sunglasses and had stored my bifocals on the trailer.
My well-meaning friends brought a pair of my glasses to the hospital not knowing that they were only for close vision neither did I at the time. Broken as they were, I put them on. Relief! Vision back. I don't know if that might have caused me to put your staff through any mood swings if so I hope not too many.
Like I already said, they were wonderful. Even upon discharge, checking the house to make certain it would b safe for me to return and making suggestions to make things easier for me. Also when my personal doctor left practice, you people helped me find a new one. For all this I will be forever grateful.