Mary Spacher's Help

Mary Spacher
Daughter of a Patient (July 1950)

I am second oldest of 8 children all born at St. Mary's Hospital between the years 1948-1964. I remember vividly going to St. Mary's with my Dad to pick up Mom and the next newest member of our growing family. The tiny bundle would have that warm newborn smell mixed in with a little aroma of A&D ointment. One of these births was twin sisters born in late December of 1953. They didn't come home right away because they weighed only 2 lbs. each. Neonatology has come a long way since 1953 but back then, the doctors weren't sure that the twins would live. There was a wonderful nurse who worked there by the name of Mary Spacher. She was a Catholic and gave much comfort to my Mother by baptizing our tiny twin girls. They did come home after many weeks of gaining weight and strength. The ironic ending to this story is that 15 years later I met and married a young man who turned out to be Mary Spacher's nephew and Godson. And now my name has become Mary Spacher also.