My mom and dad met at St. Mary's

Margaret Rule
physician's daughter & patient (1945-1995) 

St. Mary's has always been a special place for our family. My parents,  Dr. John and Theresa Montione, met at St. Mary's when my mother was a nurse and my father was an OB/GYN there. They were married in 1952. My Dad was on staff at St. Mary's for more than 50 years.
It was a place that they truly loved and cared about. All eight of their children were born there as well as my three children.
Every Thanksgiving, my father invited the new residents to our home for dinner. For many, it was their first Thanksgiving.
As children, we spent many Sunday mornings going in with Dad. While he checked on patients we went to the nurses station or looked at the babies in the nursery.
My parents were also very close with Father Rossi and always went to Christmas Eve midnight mass. It was great when each of us were finally old enough to stay up late and join them for pre-mass hors d'oeuvre and midnight mass.
All three of my children were born at St. Mary's and each time I had a difficult time. The care and time the nurses gave were exceptional. I could never thank them enough. St. Mary's holds many wonderful memories for all our family.