Rituals & superb training

Dyan Monte Verde (1962-1964) 
Clinical Labortory

This is a story that I have shared many times with my students and colleagues. When I did my internship at St Mary's School of Medical Technology in the early sixties we had to draw blood on the various in-patients. Whenever we heard /saw the Sisters of Charity with their stunning white hats ringing the hand chimes alerting us that Father Rossi was in the halls carrying Holy Eucharist to the patients, we were to immediately fall to our knees and make the sign of the cross in reverence as he went by. One time I was in the middle of drawing blood from a difficult vein when I heard the chimes outside the closed door and immediately knelt down not knowing if Fr. Rossi was going to enter the room. Of course he didn't, but the patient sure had some nervous moments about the afterlife seeing me drop to my knees and hearing bells. Nevertheless it was a beautiful ritual that I think of often from my years spent at Mary's. During my college years in 1964, I worked the night shift in the Clinical Laboratories. One night I remember watching from the hospital window, seeing various fires, hearing police sirens and the National Guard rushing down Genesee Street. I didn't realize what was going on. Riots had broken out in two of Rochester's predominantly African-American wards. Many victims had to be treated in our emergency room. Security escorted some of us to our cars and I lived right around the corner. It was a very tense time to come to work but we did. We were in the hospital in the middle of this devastating time in history. I am very proud of the superb training I had at St. Mary's, I am now a "retired" Licensed Clinical Laboratory Technologist and National and International Educator with fond memories, and remember my time spent there with a big smile in my heart. God Bless, Dyan Monte.