St. Mary's has become a member of the family

Roberta Webb
Employee/Patient (1946-present)

My life-long connection with St. Mary's Hospital began September 25, 1946. I was born there. As the years passed, St. Mary's became a "member of the family" literally. Even today, our health care is through Unity Health.  My Mother gave birth to most of her eleven children there.
She worked at the hospital for fifteen years or more. I worked for Lucille Sanderson for a years delivering television to the patients who wanted a TV in their room. The TV's were on wheeled stands before they were installed on wall racks. Lucille Sanderson passed away about three years ago. Every boo-boo or bout with pneumonia, tonsillitis, surgery or therapy was at St. Mary's.
St. Mary's was very generous to our family. They gave us clothes, bedding, food and toys throughout the years my Mother worked there.
Our two children were born at St. Mary's. My husband and I and our two children all had tonsilectomies there. The mister and I have had other surgeries there ... as recently at 1998.
Also, my mother-in-law had her rehabilitation there; my son's mother-in-law had blood treatments there at the same time.
Today, my Aunt is having Chemo there. My sister-in-laws have worked there ... one as a nurse; one as a laboratory technician. I'm sure I could go on and on but these are my immediate memories.
Footnote: My husband and I have constructed a timeline and we're 99% sure I delivered a TV to his roommate while he was recovering from his tonsilectomy.