When I became pregnant with my firstborn

Alana Sanchez
Patient (October 1993)

I came to St. Mary's in 1993, I was 18 and suspected I was pregnant. There was a sister who headed a service for expectant moms. I don't remeber her name or the name of the service. She did a pregnancy test and confirmed that I was pregnant and she charted a a due date for me. She knew I was young and unwed and encouraged me to keep the baby (even though I knew I was) and gave me information on helpful community services. I will never forget the cute post card with a poem on it that she gave me, attached to it were a pair of crocheted baby booties. Now, 14 years later, I have a wonderful son who I couldn't be more proud of! It was so nice to have that first contact with her regarding my pregnancy and her faith that everything would turn out alright. I then had the courage to tell my parents who supported us despite the situation. I always think of that fall day walking into St. Mary's when someone asks about my memories of being pregnant with my firstborn.