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St Marys is a big part of my life

Ann Rohnke
Patient (1960's)

All 5 of our children were born at St. Mary's in the 60's, and of course each was a very memorable occasion. Before that during various years I had been a patient at the hospital for several minor surgeries. My first surgery t was for a tonsilectomy when I was age 5. Even now, I remember that day because I was scared and when I saw a Sister in the operating room, I felt completely safe because a "Sister" was there.
Also, back then our house was on a street in the Town of Gates that was right next to the farm where the Sisters of Charity grew vegetables, etc. for the hospital. If I remember correctly, the farmer there let them use his land for this. We used to see the Sisters taking walks around the neighborhood once in a while.
St Mary's was big part of the area back then. Most everyone we knew went there for medical treatment. After graduation from RIT, my sister, Kathleen Murphy, was a medical technician and worked in the lab, taking blood samples from patients. St. Mary's was a big part of my family's life.