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St Marys is home away from home to me

Peggy O'Brien Noll (1952-1987)

In many ways I grew up at St. Mary's. My mother was a nursing instructor there before I was born. My dad was an engineer in charge of the physical plant for 28 years. My four siblings and I were all born there as were my four children. When I was a child one of my greatest pleasures was going to work with my dad on a Saturday morning and just absorbing the atmosphere of the inner workings of a wonderful hospital.
My aunt used to work in the cafeteria and we would always take a coffee break there. I would visit various sisters and secretaries, go to the chapel and help various people with little projects. Through the years my parents became friends with many of the good sisters and would visit them in Emmitsburg. My favorite was Sr. Anne William Bradley, who, even though she was quite sick herself, visited my father shortly before he passed away. I remember at my father's retirement party one of his bosses told a story about my dad, who had told him some years before that he didn't really work for him, but for the sisters who ran the Hospital. I believe he considered it his privilege. It was one of our proudest moments when a conference room was named for him. I honestly don't know if that is still the case, but I do know that he was a part of St. Mary's history and St. Mary's has always been a part of our family's history.