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Department Chiefs at UMMC

  • James Azurin

    Barry Rosenberg, MD

    President, United Memorial Medical Center

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    Danielle Notebaert, MD

    Vice President, United Memorial Medical Center

  • Doctor Image

    Alexander Chekhov, MD

    Secretary and Treasurer, United Memorial Medical Center

  • Mohammad Rumi, MD

    Chair, Department of Medicine

  • doctor photo

    Matthew Landfried, MD

    Chair, Department of Surgery and Chief, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, and Podiatry

  • Halina Luczynska

    Stefan Lucas, MD

    Chief, Anesthesiology

  • Doctor photo

    Jagdish Mishra, MD

    Chief, Cardiology

  • Meet Dr. Danielle Notebaert

    Danielle Notebaert, MD

    Chief, Emergency Medicine

  • Meet Dr. Alan Barcomb

    Alan Barcomb, MD

    Chief, Family Medicine

  • Doctor photo

    Jennifer Griffith, MD

    Division Chief, General Surgery & Director of Quality, Surgical Department

  • Doctor photo

    Peter Janes, MD

    Chief, Hospitalist

  • Courtenay Diehl

    Courtenay Diehl, MD

    Chief, Obstetrics and Gynecology

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    Nicholas Loffredo, DO

    Co-Chief, Orthopedics

  • Doctor photo

    Amanda Martin, MD

    Chief, Pathology

  • Yeong Lee

    Yeong Lee, MD

    Chief, Pediatrics

  • James Azurin

    Barry Rosenberg, MD

    Chief, Radiology (Diagnostic and Radiation Oncology)

  • Lori Michael

    Lori Michael, MD

    Chief, Urgent Care

  • Doctor photo

    Andrew Tisser, DO

    Medical Director, Batavia Urgent Care

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    Anees Fazili, MD

    Chief, Urology

  • Dr. Joseph Canzoneri

    Joseph Canzoneri, MD

    Chief, Wound Care