Medical Experts

Our experts are happy to share information about our organization and to offer insights on current developments in the health care field. To reach any of the following experts, please contact a member of the Rochester Regional Health Media Relations Team.

Experts List

Eric Bieber, MD, President & CEO - Rochester Regional Health

BieberEricAreas of Expertise:

- Population Health
- Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

Robert Mayo, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

mayoAreas of Expertise:

- Clinical Quality
- Patient Safety


Bridgette Wiefling, MD, Senior Vice President, Chief Quality and Innovation Officer


Areas of Expertise:

- Medicaid

Edward Walsh, MD / Chief, Infectious Disease

WalshEdwardAreas of Expertise:

- Influenza
- Global Health 

Joseph Vasile, MD, CEO, Greater Rochester Independent Physician Association (GRIPA)

VASILEArea of Expertise:

- Managed Care

Michael Pichichero, MD / Director, Rochester General Hospital Research Institute

picchieroAreas of Expertise:

- Research
- Vaccines