Next is Now

Next is the moment that drives us. The next heartbeat. The next step. Next is the moment that changes lives. Next Is Now.

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Next Is Now

A Commitment to Health that Goes Beyond the Present

From harnessing leading-edge technologies and treatments to providing the best in comprehensive, patient-centered care, Rochester Regional Health is leading the evolution of healthcare. We are driven by a mission to redefine extraordinary—reaching beyond the present into what’s next.

Next is the moment that will change lives—it’s where research and innovation merge with a commitment to care that is more advanced than yesterday, but not as far-reaching as tomorrow.

Believing in what’s next is about making what we do, and the care we deliver, number one in the region.

Next is Now

To be #1 you have to get there first

We are leading the evolution of healthcare. It’s a commitment to health that exceeds expectations, reaching beyond the present into what’s next.

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Patient Stories

Patient stories are about more than the treatment they received. What really matters is what comes after treatment – the life they get to live now. These stories are an inspiration to all who are still fighting, and all who are helping win each fight. These are the stories that change the world.

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