Back To School With Food Allergies

September 07, 2016


This week, summer vacation comes to a close for our children. Returning to school can be an exciting time. However, for students with food allergies, this can be a scary time for them and their parents. Planning and preparation can make the transition easier.

If your son or daughter has food allergies, here are some tips to keep in mind as they head back to school:

  1. Make sure the school is aware of your child’s specific food allergies.
  2. Help the school nurse and teacher by letting them know how your child might describe a reaction.
  3. Make sure the school has a copy of an emergency action plan.
  4. Have emergency medicines available like self-injectable epinephrine.
  5. Learn how your school manages allergies.
  6. Consider the needs of your child. This varies among students depending on age, developmental level, and anxiety.
  7. Collaborate with the school personnel to find solutions to concerns.
  8. Role play scenarios of concern. Help your child respond to situations that concern you.
  9. Have a “no food sharing policy”.
  10. Create a safe place for eating. For example, your child eats out of his/her lunchbox and no one else’s food enters that space.
Remember that teachers and administrators care about kids and want them to have a great school experience. They want to keep your kids safe. If you are having challenges or further questions, check with your Allergist for further guidance or visit our website.
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