The Gift of Giving

January 04, 2017

It all started with two toy trucks some over 27 years ago. Florence Kinney and her husband bought two brothers who had to spend Christmas Day at Rochester General Hospital those toy trucks. Since then, the giving has grown and grown. And grown.

“I work all year at it,” said Kinney.

Mrs Kinney lost her husband in 2003, but the donation of holiday gifts continues. Last Tuesday, Kinney visited the New Visions Program Center and delivered more than 2,100 items. There were popular board games such as Monopoly and Sorry, toys, books, and plenty of stuffed animals.

When asked why, at age 79, she still continues the tradition, Kinney said it’s all for the children.

“To bring a smile to a needy child,” said Kinney. “They need to know someone out there cares about them.”

Kinney and her ‘elves’ as she refers them gather the items each year to donate. Just before Christmas, the items are delivered to Rochester General Hospital. The New Visions program classroom houses all of the items to be distributed. The room is nearly filled with everything Kinney and her elves have delivered.

Two toy trucks have turned into tens of thousands of smiles.

“In 27 years, 75,000 children have benefited from the giving,” said Kinney.

Just as Santa heads back to the North Pole, Mrs. Kinney and her band of elves will begin gathering gifts for next Christmas very soon.


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