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New Peanut Allergy Guidelines

January 11, 2017
Peanut allergy affects approximately 1% of the US population. Although there are numerous ongoing studies regarding potential therapies for peanut...

Getting Through the Holidays With a Nut Allergy

December 21, 2016
As the prevalence of food and nut allergies increases, many people have to take extra precautions around the holidays.

Why has there been an increase in food allergies?

November 10, 2016
Dr. Shahzad Mustafa of Rochester Regional Health Allergy, Immunology, Rheumatology explains the increase in food allergies.

Why you may not be allergic to medications – Even if you think you are

September 19, 2016
Dr. Allison Ramsey discusses why you may not actually be allergic to a particular medication even if you think you are.

Seasonal allergies? You have options to end the suffering!

September 14, 2016
Dr. Allison Ramsey of Rochester Regional Health discusses your options for treatment of seasonal allergies.

Back To School With Food Allergies

September 07, 2016
Dr. Theresa Bingemann offers tips for parents of children with food allergies as a new school year begins.