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Absorb IV

  • Contact Name: Tia DeRosa, NP
  • Status: Enrolling
  • Phone: 585.922.3536
  • Lead Researcher: Gerald Gacioch, MD


Compare treatment of lesions (narrowing) in the coronary arteries using bioresorbable stents versus metallic drug-eluting stents. Absorb IV is a continuation of Absorb III trial, which are maintained under one protocol because both trial designs are related. The data from Absorb III and Absorb IV will be pooled to support the Absorb IV primary endpoint. Both trials will continue to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Absorb BVS.

Sponsor: Abbott Vascular.

Keywords: Stent, heart, cardiac, Absorb, bioresorbable, absorbable stent, cardiovascular, angiogram, angioplasty