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Benefits of Care Connect

Care Connect has advanced our mutual ability to communicate, collaborate and operate as a health system to deliver unparalleled care and service to every patient, at every encounter, every time.

By selecting Epic to power Care Connect, Rochester Regional Health, GRIPA and our affiliated community physicians benefit from a wealth of nationwide best practices gained from other successful EMR ambulatory implementations.

Your practice and staff can realize numerous benefits from the Care Connect ambulatory suite of applications including: 

  • Streamlined templates for simpler, faster and more accurate documentation of patient encounters with options for voice recognition or note transcription.  Note: Additional fees apply for Rochester Regional transcription services and voice recognition software
  • One integrated system for practice registration, scheduling, visit documentation and billing
  • Automatic e-prescribing functionality that increases efficiency
  • Streamlined integration with Epic’s professional billing application through clinical workflows
  • Up-to-the-minute patient information and Rochester Regional results data immediately interfaced to, and available within, Care Connect