Nursing at Rochester General

At Rochester General Hospital, nursing is an integral part of the organizational operation. The profession of nursing is both an art and a science responding to the human condition. Our nurses use a patient-centered care approach that supports the whole person; promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health; and is sensitive to the patient’s and family’s cultural, religious and ethical responses to illness and wellness.

What nurses do isn’t easy – it takes dedication and commitment and is both physically and mentally challenging. Our nurses are passionate about what they do and they continue to raise the bar. For the nurses at Rochester General, clinical excellence is more than competence and skill; it’s about caring for our patients, each other and our profession.

Professional Practice Model

The new Professional Practice Model consist of four main components:

  • Caring: Includes a holistic approach, connection, time, and trust, and is acknowledged through affirmation.
  • Knowing: Includes competence, critical thinking, intuition, lifelong learning, nursing as a profession, and seeing the "big picture".
  • Navigating: Includes advocacy, being the hub, being the "master of all trades", communication, "making a difference", support, teamwork, and time.
  • Leading: Includes affirmation, "making a difference", nurses as professionals, respect, and support.

A compass was chosen to represent the Rochester General Hospital Professional Practice Model as it provides nurses with a foundation, provides direction, and leads us professionally. Most importantly, our Professional Practice Model gives a voice to nurses at Rochester General Hospital and to the nursing profession. The Professional Practice Model describes who nurses are (identity), describes what nurses do (roles), and what Rochester General Hospital nurses want their professional practice to be.

The new Professional Practice Model is surrounded by the foundations of the nursing profession. These foundations include: AACN's Healthy Work Environments Initiative, ANA Code of Ethics, ANA Standards, Future of Nursing, Magnet Model, NICHE Model, New York State Nurse Practice Act, and the Relationship-Based Care Model. Additional Rochester General Hospital documents that guide our practice include the Rochester General Hospital Nursing Values, Rochester Regional Nursing Strategic Plan, and the Rochester General Hospital's Mission, Vision and Values.