Residents and their families receive a competitive compensation and benefits package.


Salary for first year (PGY2) residents was $54,184.00 for the 2014-2015 academic year. Annual salary increases are given at the start of each new academic year. 

Health benefits

Comprehensive health insurance is extended to residents and their families at no charge.

Other benefits

All residents are covered under medical malpractice insurance. Life insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, accidental death & dismemberment insurance and 403(b) retirement plans available.


Residents receive four weeks of paid vacation time per year that can be taken as desired. Two weeks of conference time is given during the second, third, and fourth years. The department pays for one conference per resident during the training period. In addition, when a resident has research accepted for presentation at a conference, expenses are paid by the department.


First year residents receive the latest editions of:

  1. Fundamentals of Diagnostic Imaging by Brant and Helms
  2. Primer of Diagnositc Imaging by Weissleder, Wittenberg, Harisinghani, and Chen
  3. The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging by Jerrold T. Bushberg
  4. Review of Radiologic Physics by Walter Huda
  5. Introductory subscriptions to Radiology, Radiographics, and The American Journal of Radiology

Second through fourth year residents receive an annual book fund of $1000.


All residents are given online access to RadPrimer, StatDx, and the ACR Online Learning File (over 3600 cases) as well as access to various electronic journals. An updated resident textbook library is replete with the latest editions of popular radiology reference texts. 


Residents are given the opportunity to attend the American Institute of Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) course during the third year of residency. Tuition is covered in full for this four week course, and a housing stipend of $1850.00 is provided. 


A newly updated resident lounge and conference room provide an excellent learning environment for personal study and lecture. Personal lockers and locker room access are provided. Covered parking adjacent to the hospital is available for $30 per month. The hospital has several different cafeterias and cafes, including limited 24-hour access.