Information for Applicants

How to Apply:

All R1 (PGY-2) applications must be submitted through ERAS. MD/DO candidates are welcome to apply; however, USMLE Step I scores are required for an interview consideration. A minimum of 3 letters of reference, CV, Dean’s Letter, and Personal Statement are required. 4 ACGME positions are available. 1 additional ACGME position is available in the DR/IR Integrated Program

Interview Process:

Accommodations are provided by the Residency program. The program hosts an optional evening dinner with applicants and several residents the night before the interview day. This is an opportunity to ask questions to our current trainees in a relaxed atmosphere. No faculty participates in the event, nor does the event have any influence on acceptance or ranking.

The Interview Day:

The interview day begins at 8AM. Transportation is provided to and from the hotel and complimentary parking is available for those wishing to drive themselves. The interview process last approximately 4 hours followed by noon conference and lunch. Applicants can expect to be dismissed around 2PM. Transportation is provided back to the hotel following the interview day.


Rolling applications are accepted through December 1st. Interviews are held from October through December. Approximately 50 interview spots are available; however, additional days may be considered for qualified applicants. Most applications are reviewed within 1-2 weeks by the Selection Committee.

Rochester General Hospital participates in the NRMP Match.

Second looks: Candidates may schedule additional visits to Rochester General Hospital; however, no additional consideration is given for second looks. Once a candidate is ranked after their interview, we do not alter their position. Please contact the Program Coordinator for scheduling.

New Interventional Radiology Pathways:

Starting 2016, we will be other both Diagnostic Radiology and Diagnostic Radiology/Interventional Radiology training pathways, both fully ACGME accredited. Additionally, ESIR and Independent pathways are anticipated (applications in progress).

The Integrated IR Residency (currently available):
is five-years in length (a total of six years of post-graduate training). This IR training format is available to medical students. Students apply thru the NRMP main match and begin residency training in the PGY two year. The five-year residency curriculum is concentrated on diagnostic radiology in the first three years and interventional radiology in the last two years.

The Independent IR Residency (in progress):
is two years in length (total of seven years of postgraduate training). This training format is available to graduates of a diagnostic radiology residency.

Early Specialization in IR (ESIR) (in progress):
We anticipate offering additional training in IR during the diagnostic radiology residency. This advanced training is termed Diagnostic radiology residents who complete ESIR training may be able to finish IR training in a total of six post-graduate years.

Please visit the DR/IR Residency Program for more information.