About our Clinics

Continuity of Care Centers

United Memorial Family Care Centers serve as the program's continuity of care clinics. Located in the Jerome Center at 16 Bank Street, Batavia Family and Pediatric Care Center is our most robust center for delivering comprehensive primary care. Constructed in 2007, the Jerome Center offers state of the art efficiencies with a comfortable atmosphere for our patients.

Integrating patient information using the Meditech LSS Office-based electronic medical record system, important clinical data is visible throughout the healthcare system 24 hours a day /7 days a week. Connectivity to the Regional Health Information Organizations provide access to patient care data from other health systems in Buffalo and Rochester as well. This system facilitates clinical decision making with the most current and accurate information available.

There are approximately 13,500 patient visits each year to the Batavia Family and Pediatric Care Center. The Center's patient population is diverse, drawing from many different cultures, including African American, Hispanic and Native American. Many of our patients also come from the migrant populations working in the local farm community.

Each resident is assigned a group of patients to follow throughout the three years, providing continuity of care to these individuals and families. The panels grow in size as the residents grow and develop as physicians. Through the Family Care Center experience, our program is committed to the dual mission of providing patients with professional, high-quality care and our residents with an exceptional learning experience. Our faculty also practices at the Family Care Center, serving as positive, professional role models for the residents.

The Family Care Center is staffed by highly skilled nurses and administrative personnel. They are sensitive to the fact that the family medicine residents are physicians-in-training, and are committed to the residents' education and development in this regard.