Financial Aid Application Procedure - January 2019

What aid programs are available? Federal Pell Grants, Federal Direct student and parent loans, Rochester General Hospital Association (RGHA) grants, and New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Grants. See “Aid At A Glance: January 2019” for a brief description of these programs, and “Aid Guide: January 2019” for more detailed information.

How do I apply? Complete both the 2018-19 and 2019-20 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after October 1, 2018. FAFSA school code is 015201 (“Rochester General-Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing”). Use the "IRS Data Retrieval Tool" within the FAFSA to have the IRS import income information from your tax return into your FAFSA.

TAP Tip: Use the link on the FAFSA confirmation page to complete your TAP application.

Are there other grants I can apply for?

 1a. If you live in Monroe County, you may be eligible for a “Training Grant” of up to $5000 administered by a county agency called Rochester Works. Call them at 258-3500 or visit them at 255 N. Goodman St. for more information and to apply for the grant.

1b. If you live in a county other than Monroe, email NOW for contact information for your county.

2. The Western NY Rural Area Health Center (R-AHEC) offers grants to eligible persons that are currently employed by a healthcare facility. Call 585-786-6275 for more information and to apply.

3. Search for grants online at

What if I might need a student loan? Go to and use the Undergraduate tab on the far left to complete (1) a Master Promissory Note and (2) Entrance Counseling if you have not already completed both forms to borrow here or at any other school. Our school name is listed as “Rochester General-IGHSPN”. Neither form commits you to borrowing; the final part of the borrowing process is done through the IGHSPN Financial Aid Office.

Can I get financial aid if I have a student loan in default? No, you are not eligible for ANY federal or NYS financial aid. However, most students are able to originate a Federal Consolidation Loan at (use Repayment and Consolidation tab on the far right) to pay off all of their Stafford loans, including any in default, and regain eligibility for financial aid. Start NOW because this process takes 30-90 days.

How much aid am I eligible for? Accepted students are required to meet individually with Toni Greenlee, the IGHSPN Financial Advisor, to determine aid eligibility and/or finalize payment arrangements. You will leave the meeting with a copy of your Student Account Record detailing the costs of the program, the actual or estimated financial aid you are eligible for, the amount and due date of any payment you may owe to the school, and the amount and date of any refund you may be eligible for.

Got questions? Contact Toni Greenlee, at, or 922-1431.