Financial Aid Deferment and Distribution

Students will be charged tuition and fees at the beginning of each term. Payment in full is due two weeks before the first day of each term.  Students with confirmed financial aid will be allowed to defer payment of each term’s charges in this order:

  1. Any grant intended solely for tuition
  2. NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), VTA
  3. GI Bill/VA
  4. Federal Pell Grant
  5. any other grant received by IGHSPN for student expenses
  6. Federal Parent Loan (FPLUS)
  7. Federal Subsidized Stafford Student Loan
  8. Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Student Loan

Be aware that, regardless of the order in which aid was used to defer payment, financial aid will be credited toward the student’s charges in the order it is received until all charges are paid in full for that term, with the following exception: if funds from TAP, R-AHEC, VA, or WIA (including Rochester Works) have not been received but have been documented at the time that Federal Pell and Direct Loan funds are received, IGHSPN will continue the original deferment against these four sources of aid before crediting the Pell and/or loan(s) to the student’s account.  Any credit balance* (that is, aid that exceeds that term’s charges) will then be paid by check to the student to use toward other education-related expenses, such as transportation, housing, food, clothing, etc.  Payments to students are made no earlier than five weeks after the first day of Semester 1, and no earlier than one week after the first day of all other terms.  If you withdraw before completing the program, your aid will be adjusted in accordance with federal regulations regardless of the order in which your aid was deferred or paid (see “Tuition Refund Procedure").

* Students that are eligible for a NYS TAP grant AND a financial aid refund may have a portion of their refund delayed until the actual TAP funds are received from NYS in the  final 5-7 weeks of each semester.  The delayed amount will be based on the full refund amount the student is due, and the TAP award amount:
If the semester TAP award is The scheduled delayed amount is
 under $1000
 between $1000 and $1999  $250
 $2000 and over  $500