Alumni Testimonial


Sagar Nigwekar, MD
Clinical and Research Fellow
BWH/MGH Joint Nephrology
Fellowship Program
Scholars in Clinical Science
Harvard Medical School

"Selection of residency training program is probably the most important career decision for any physician. Why? During residency training, you make your habits and once you are done with residency then these habits are going to make you. I cannot think of a better program than RGHIMRP that has been instrumental in developing great traditions for hundreds of resident physicians.

For me RGHIMRP has been the perfect place to get trained in how to deliver effective and efficient patient care as well as how to plan and execute patient-oriented research. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has always been at the core of this program. I consider myself very lucky to be trained in this discipline by experienced RGHIMRP faculty. A skillfully designed program curriculum incorporates principles of EBM during bedside teaching as well as during more formal sessions including morning report and noon conferences.

RGHIMRP’s dedication to resident scholarship is exceptional. I personally had no research experience prior to residency; however, RGHIMRP exposed me to diverse pathologies, offered a superb environment to generate the right research questions and also provided mentors devoted to scholarship. In fact, one of my active research projects at Harvard focused on calciphylaxis traces its origins from a case seen during residency and study done under supervision by RGHIMRP faculty. Annual city wide poster presentation competition and scholarship project presentation sessions that the program arranged served as great venues to present my work and gather critical feedback from experienced faculty prior to submission at national conferences and journal publications.

What truly sets the RGHIMRP apart is its friendly atmosphere. The program leadership and the administrators are interested in not only residents’ careers but also in the residents’ well being. They become and remain as your family for the years to come as they have become for me and my wife (also an RGHIMRP alumni). What a privilege it has been to be part of this great residency program."