The Department of Medicine sponsors several conference series as part of the educational curriculum for both house staff and attending physicians. These include the following:

Noon Conference
  • Noon Conferences – The daily Noon Conference series is carefully designed to cover the core topics in general and subspecialty medicine. Other important elements of this series include surgical specialties, quality assurance, medical ethics, practice management, medicolegal issues, physician impairment, and resident stress/fatigue mitigation.
  • Grand Rounds - Held every Tuesday, our Grand Rounds series features lectures on general medicine and all the sub-specialties, given by local and nationally-renowned speakers. Every month, one Grand Rounds session is dedicated to our Department of Medicine’s Morbidity and Mortality conference. Once a year, selected Residents are given the opportunity to present their academic work at our annual Resident Research Grand Rounds.
  • Cancer Conferences - Unity Hospital provides a bi-weekly, multi-disciplinary, patient-centered cancer conference that serves as an excellent opportunity for residents to learn how to provide state-of-the-art management of oncologic disorders.
  • Case Conferences and CPCs - Second and third year residents are assigned to present one EBM conference, three case conferences, and one CPC by the time they graduate. These are some of the most interesting conferences we have at Unity Hospital. They provide residents with an opportunity to present an interesting case, delve into the literature, and hone their presentation skills.