Curriculum and Expectations

IR Procedure Room OverviewThe Division of Interventional Radiology within the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Rochester General Hospital offers an Integrated 5 year Interventional Radiology/Diagnostic Radiology residency under the guidelines of the ACGME. Applications for residency will be accepted directly from graduating medical students and other qualified applicants as directed by the official NRMP Match.

During the first 3 years (PGY 2-4) of this IR/DR residency, trainees will train almost indistinguishably alongside the Diagnostic Radiology residents, including the same educational goals and objectives. The only difference will be some added IR rotations in these first three years. All responsibilities including call will otherwise be identical.

In PGY 5 and 6, the IR/DR residents will focus their training on all aspects of interventional radiology. The overarching goal is for trainees in our program to become adept in the interpretation of all diagnostic imaging modalities, as well as to become skilled and proficient in not only the technical skills of minimally invasive image-guided procedures but also at compassionate clinical care of their patients both before and after the procedure. Graduates of our program will become independent practitioners able to both lead a true clinical IR service while also having the ability to be a productive diagnostic radiologist.

We are proud of the training of residents in the division of IR, as many of our recent graduates have become interested in IR. In the last 3 years, 5 of the past 13 graduates matched into IR fellowships. Of the current trainees, more than half are interested in pursuing an IR fellowship, one of who has already transferred into and has become our first IR/DR resident.

IR DR rotations