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Cardiac Rehabilitation at United Memorial Medical Center

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United Memorial Medical Center

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  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase II Program

Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation occurs while the individual is still in the hospital following a cardiac issue such as a heart attack. Phase II is an outpatient rehabilitation program that begins following discharge from the hospital, usually within a few days.

Participants in Phase II exercise regularly in a closely supervised setting. They learn stretching and cooling techniques, how to monitor their heart rate and activity levels, increase their aerobic capacity and become stronger. While exercising, a health professional assesses their heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and symptoms of distress. Patients receive extensive education that includes risk factor modification, stress management, and nutrition counseling. Phase II is a medically monitored program and requires a physician in close proximity.

Classes are held by scheduled appointments.

Phase III Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Maintenance is provided for residents of our community at the Genesee County YMCA in Batavia. This program was developed in collaboration with United Memorial. It focuses on long-term lifestyle changes to prevent future cardiac issues and patients continue to exercise to regain physical function. They learn to monitor their pulse and weight and watch for symptoms of coronary artery disease. Patients track their progress in written logs and share the information with their physician. Cardiac Maintenance usually has a group format where participants offer support and encouragement to each other.

To join the Maintenance program, contact the Genesee County YMCA at (585) 344-1664.