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Welcoming New Patients

Rochester Regional Health Midwifery Group at Bay Creek provides individualized gynecological and obstetric care for women of all ages – from adolescence through pregnancy, menopause and beyond.

Call 585.922.0374 to schedule a free 20-minute Meet and Greet appointment with one of our midwives. During this 'talk only' visit you can learn more about our practice and have your questions answered. Our practice is located in Rochester Regional's Bay Creek campus in a beautiful new building, close to pediatrician offices and other medical practices. We look forward to meeting you!


  • What is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)?

Our Certified Nurse Midwives at Rochester Regional Health’s Midwifery Group at Bay Creek are independent women’s health care providers licensed by New York State and certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives.

Midwives specialize in care during pregnancy, birth and after delivery. We also provide family planning and routine health care for women.

Midwives believe pregnancy and birth can be normal and empowering events in the life of a woman. We provide personal, respectful care for each woman and her family.

  • What do Certified Nurse Midwives do?

We care for women of all ages and provide the following services:

• Preconception counseling

• Prenatal care, labor support, and delivery at Rochester General Hospital

• Breastfeeding assistance

• Postpartum care

• Annual exams including cervical cancer screening (Pap smears)

• Evaluation of gynecologic concerns such as menstrual issues, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and vaginitis

• Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

• Contraception including placement of IUDs and Nexplanon, an implant for birth control

• Breast exams

  • Will my health insurance cover midwifery care?

All New York State insurance plans are required to cover midwifery care. If you have any questions or have an insurance plan from a different state, please contact your insurance company to verify coverage. Your insurance company can help you understand your copay and out-of-pocket costs with high deductible plans.

  • Where will my baby be born and who will deliver my baby?

The midwives at Bay Creek attend births at Rochester General Hospital’s beautiful Twig Birthing Center. Your baby will be delivered (or caught as we like to say) by one of the Rochester Regional Midwives.

We recommend touring of the Twig Birthing Center before it is time to give birth. For more information or to sign up for a tour, please call 585.922.5465.

  • If I chose to have a midwife, can I still have pain medication or an epidural?

Our goal is to empower and educate you to have the kind of pregnancy and birth you desire. There is no ‘right birth’ for all women. We will support you in developing a birth plan and will partner with you to make that plan a reality while keeping in mind the dynamic nature of birth.

Although we do not currently offer water births, we do encourage you to labor in the Jacuzzi or shower. Narcotics and epidurals are available for pain relief if needed or desired. We encourage you to give birth in the position and manner that works best for you!

  • How many people can be in the room when I give birth?

This is your birth! You get to choose what type of experience you want, and whom you want there. Some women want a ‘private birth’ and desire only their spouse or partner to be present. Other women labor more effectively and confidently with the support of their family members and friends.

However, please keep in mind that the hospital limits the total number of support people in the room at any time to four for safety considerations. Older children are also welcome to be part of your birth experience. We encourage each child to have his or her own support person and to be prepared ahead of time as to what to expect.

  • What if something goes wrong or I need a C-Section?

The midwives work closely with Rochester General Hospital’s obstetrician/gynecologists. A physician is physically present in the labor and delivery area 24-7 for consultation and medical intervention as needed. Should you need a Cesarean Section, the midwife will remain with you during surgery and continue to support you during your postpartum hospital stay. Rochester General Hospital supports mothers skin-to-skin bonding with their babies in the operating room.

If issues arise at any time during prenatal or gynecologic care, collaborating physicians are also available for consultation or referral.

  • Who will help me breastfeed my baby?

Our midwives and labor & delivery nurses are experienced and trained in breastfeeding support. Rochester General also has Certified Lactation Consultants available every day of the week to assist breastfeeding mothers.

Breastfeeding has indisputable physical and psychological benefits for mother and baby. We encourage all mothers to breastfeed their babies, unless a medical condition prevents it. Although breastfeeding is natural, it does not necessarily come naturally to all mothers and babies. We will work with you to successfully breastfeeding your baby!

Our Team


Catherine Burke, CNM, MSN

I have been a midwife for 25 years and am still in awe of the miracle of pregnancy and birth, crying on a regular basis as families welcome their newly born children into the world. It was in the one-room, thatched homes of southern Mexico and Honduras, where I lived and worked for six years, that I discovered my calling to be with women throughout all stages of their lives, especially during pregnancy and birth. I earned my undergraduate degree from Boston College and my Master’s degree from Pace University. I received my Midwifery certification from the University of Southern California. I am fluent in Spanish and have cared for migrant farmworkers since 2002.

I joined Rochester Regional Health in 2017 and am thrilled to be a part of the Midwifery Group at Bay Creek and the Ob/Gyn team at Anthony Jordan Health Center. My passions are working with teens (first pelvic exams are my specialty) as well as empowering families during pregnancy and birth. In my free time, I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love to hike, bike, bake and play board games with my husband and four children.



Bethany Fjeldheim, CNM, MSN

As a midwife, my philosophy of care is true to the definition of midwifery: to be with women. I feel it is a true honor to participate in and partner with women to provide excellent care across the lifespan. I was an Emergency Medical Technician in Chicago, where I earned a BS in Biology with a minor in Bioethics from Loyola University. I went on for my Masters of Science in Nursing at Vanderbilt University, where I specialized in Midwifery and also as a Family Nurse Practitioner. As the co-director of the Shade Tree Early Pregnancy Program in Nashville, I worked to provide initial prenatal visits for uninsured or underinsured women.

Today, I’m both a faculty member and private midwife at The Women’s Health Center at Clinton and Rochester Regional Health Midwifery Group at Bay Creek. During pregnancy and birth, I believe in “non-intervention in absence of complication.” Throughout the lifespan, I believe in empowering and educating women to be advocates for their health, and the health of their families and their communities. I am excited to stand with you!



Robin MacIntyre, CNM, MSN

I received my RN from the Craig State School of Nursing and went to work as a staff RN and Clinical Nurse Preceptor in Maternal Child Nursing at United Memorial Hospital in Batavia. About 20 years later, I went back to school and earned my BSN from Daemen College. I then went on to earn my Certified Nurse Midwife from the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing and my Master’s of Science in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University.

I’ve worked at hospitals in Buffalo, Elmira, and Rochester – and I spent a few years in St. Marys, Georgia. I joined Rochester Regional Health as a Certified Nurse Midwife more than 10 years ago, and I never looked back. Today, I’m also an adjunct faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology. For seven years, I was on the Board of Directors for the New York State Association of Licensed Midwives.


Additionally, we have an extended team of midwives who may provide patient care at Rochester General Hospital during labor and/or delivery:


Kathleen Hausman, CNM

It has always been my passion to care for women and families throughout labor and birth. After 12 years as a labor and delivery nurse, I realized that while I was helping during the brief time of labor and delivery, I really wanted to do more. So, I went back to school in 2000 and earned my master’s degree in Midwifery from Stony Brook University. I have been fortunate to be able to work in a variety of settings, from freestanding birth centers to high-risk labor and delivery practices. No matter where a baby is born, helping that process to be as normal as possible is essential.

In my heart, being a midwife encompasses much more than the period of time it takes to have the baby. It means helping women make healthy choices from their teen years and throughout their lifespan.  If women have the knowledge and help to be healthy, it increases the likelihood that their pregnancy will be healthy and so will their baby!  I am dedicated to the advancement of nurses and midwives everywhere.


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Rosemary Janofsky

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Martha D. Thompson, CNM