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Affiliations & Partnerships

Collaborative solutions to human health problems

Research at Rochester General Hospital draws on alliances that support our pursuit of innovative solutions to human health problems. We have partnerships with these world-class medical and scientific institutions:

CLEVELAND CLINIC for cardiovascular diseases. The Sands-Constellation Heart Institute at Rochester General Hospital is a Cleveland Clinic Heart Surgery Center and a nine-time Thomson Reuters Top 100 Cardiac Hospital. With the fourth largest cardiac program in New York State, the Heart Institute performs more than 1,000 cardiothoracic surgeries and 7,000 invasive coronary interventions each year.

Cleveland Clinic creates "outcome booklets" for SCHI and their audiences which contain a summary of the Heart Institute's surgical and medical trends and approaches, data on patient volume and outcomes and a review of new technologies and innovations.

ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (RIT) for biotechnology, bioengineering, imaging science and computing and information science. The Rochester General Hospital Research Institute (RGHRI) formed an alliance with RIT in 2008. This collaboration of expert researchers and facilities has resulted in a robust pool of resources that not only benefit both institutions, but also benefit the community, nation and the world in terms of medical advances.

RGHRI's combined efforts with RIT ensure that the best team possible is formed to research and test the latest developments in biomedical sciences and biotechnology. This alliance also concentrates intellectual resources in such a way as to draw additional students, professionals and business ventures to the Rochester area.

for cancer and cancer vaccine research.