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11/2019 - Pids Foundation 


08/2018 - Helping children with hearing loss from otitis media with effusion 

06/2018 - Summer Colds 


08/2017 - New weapon against ear infections 

08/2017 - Local Researchers at RGH create vaccine for bane of a parents existence  

08/2017 - Ear infections dropped after this vaccine hit the market 


09/2016 - Ten Year Study of the Stringently Defined Otitis Prone Child in Rochester, NY  


2015 - Urgent Care Management of Acute Otitis Media in Children 


08/2014 - Drop in kids' ear infections linked to pneumococcal vaccine 


11/2013 - Spectral gradient acoustic reflectometry aids diagnosis of acute otitis media and otitis media with effusion 

10/17/2013 - Improving diagnosis of otitis media

10/2/2013 - Recurrent otitis may be linked to neonate-like immune response in young children

10/2013 - Michael Pichichero MD/Head of the Rochester General Research Institute spoke with Channel 13 news and WXXI Radio News recently about the resurgence of Whooping Cough - an infectious bacterial disease that causes uncontrollable coughing. Dr. Pichichero, who is also a Pediatrician, offered guidance for parents.

8/26/2013 - The human microbiome

6/13/2013 - Needles in ears 

5/2013 - Antibiotic choice for children with penicillin 'allergy'

4/3/2013 - A new way to treat ear infections 

3/2013 - Individualized treatment approach urged for AOM

1/25/13 - Dr. Pichichero was interviewed on WXXI Radio….and in studio at Channel 13 on the following subject:
Every year, parents are required to make sure their children are up-to-date on all of the necessary vaccinations – and some children are not allowed back to school unless they have not been properly immunized. However, a new trend on the rise has many parents deviating from the recommend vaccine schedule – or simply disregarding it altogether. According to a new study from the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for Health Research, 49 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 24 do not receive all of the recommended vaccinations or do not get vaccinated at all.


10/19/2012 - Infant Meningococcal Vaccine: Why Not?

7/12/2012 - WBC Count Prevents Unnecessary Antibiotics for Enterovirus 

6/6/2012 - Spectral gradient acoustic reflectometry only an adjunct for specific otoscopic diagnoses

5/10/2012 - Report to WHO: No New Concerns About Thimerosal 

5/3/2012 - Have You Had Your Pertussis Vaccine?

4/11/12 - Michael Pichichero MD/RGH Research Institute was an in-studio guest on 13 CW-WHAM's morning newscast talking about vaccine safety. Dr. Pichichero recently presented his extensive research to a panel of the World Health Organization meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHO is preparing to decide on the future use of thimeresol, a mercury-based preservative used in many vaccines outside of the United States.

4/3/12 - Michael Pichichero MD, Director of the Rochester General Research Institute was interviewed today by YNN reporter Christina Domingues about vaccine safety. Today, Dr. Pichichero presented a report to the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHO is considering whether to ban the use of the mercury-based preservative, thimeresol, in vaccines. The story is expected to air on YNN this afternoon/evening. Yesterday, Dr. Pichichero was interviewed by WHAM Radio and on Friday, he will be interviewed on WXXI Radio during Morning Edition.

3/28/2012 - Should I Treat The Asymptomatic Siblings Of The Patient Who Has A Positive Rapid Streptococcal Antigen Test?

3/5/2012 - A Late and Light Flu Season

1/23/2012 - Anaphylaxis After Vaccines Proves Extremely Rare


9/19/2011 - Dr. Michael Pichichero on Childhood Vaccinations

9/19/2011 - Healthy Living: Ear Infections

8/13/2011 - Healthy Living: Ear Infection Vaccination Could Be on the Way!

1/1/2011 - How to Meet the HPV Counseling and Vaccination Challenge


10/4/2010 - Rochester General Hospital Receives Largest Grant in its History