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"The Faculty at Isabella Graham are very helpful & they let you know from the beginning that they will be there for you in more ways than one. They want to see you achieve your goal of becoming an LPN & they do their very best at making that happen!" - Shonta M. (Class of 2014)

"As I reflect back on my time at IGH some of the things that I remember most is the dedication of the faculty to provide a learning environment that focused on each of us individually. The staff took pride in each students success and is there to celebrate each accomplishment with you. I also found some of my new best friends in my classmates and I can't imagine my life without them now." - Tiffany B. (Class of 2013)

"I love this school. Going to IGH was the best decision I made. I had amazing teachers who were there for me whenever I needed help. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and are very caring. They listen to you, try to solve problems and want to help you to succeed. THE BEST NURSING SCHOOL." - Mridula B. (Class of 2014)

"IGH gives you not only the education needed to become a LPN, but the hands on skills lab, simulation exercises and variety of clinical experiences to help make you a GREAT nurse. The big difference is a faculty that truly cares about and supports each student." - Lisa K. (Class of 2014)

"In my two years at IGH, I went through a lot with losing a classmate to almost not passing and becoming the PN I knew I was capable of being. With the help of an amazing and very supportive faculty, I accomplished part of my dream. The faculty was always there when I needed them the most and always had an open ear and willing to do what they could to help me succeed, I wish the future student nurses of IGH good luck and you are in the hands of some pretty remarkable people. Thanks faculty for all you did for me and still continue to do." - Stacey D. (Class of 2014)

“My time at Isabella Graham Hart was a fundamental stepping stone of my career in healthcare. The education I received was superior to other schools, and the dedication of the teachers to the students is unmatched. I participated in student government as class president, not only did we have a say in our education, but they listened and worked with us to achieve goals that would benefit our class. Personally I grew so much in those two years, learned how to be a leader, work with others from many different walks of life, and became confident in my practice. But I cannot forget all of the lifelong friends I’ve made, and the wonderful nurses we became.”
- Melanie Z. (Class of 2012)

“I have attended Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing for two years in the part time program. In the beginning the experience was overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. The instructors were very good at making me feel comfortable and encouraged me to work at my full potential. I love being challenged, which was done every time I was in class. Because I was in the part time class, I grew very close to my classmates and we became a family. We still talk today. The school provided me with the knowledge to begin my nursing career and supported me every step of the way. Thanks.” - Nancy P. (Class of 2014)

"This school changed my life for the better. Lots of rigorous challenges in this school with dedicated instructors who emphasize respect and excellence in academics and in the clinical setting. The respect ran so deep for me that when one of my instructors later became my supervisor, I could not call her by her first name!" - Dianne Zillioux (Class of 1983)