Newark-Wayne Community Hospital and Wayne County Rural Health Network Launch Free Obesity Prevention Program

November 04, 2013

Wayne County Rural Health Network has received a grant from the NYS Department of Health, Office of Rural Health to develop and implement a unique program for Wayne County families to fight obesity and learn healthier lifestyles.  “We know that nearly 72% of Wayne County residents are overweight or obese,” says Emilie Sisson, manager of the Rural Health Network.  “This statistic is about 12.5% greater than the New York State average.  It is no wonder that the American Medical Association considers this an epidemic,” she adds.

The new program called “The Good Life” helps families learn how to live a healthier, and maybe even happier, life while having fun and and working together towards health goals as a family.  Participants can earn a $100 gift card as a bonus for their efforts in this year-long program.*   family extended

"The program is flexible, offering several ways for families to participate, learn about nutrition, engage in physical activity, and understand approaches to better health care,” Sisson continues.  “We record each family's baseline weights and blood pressure, track participants throughout the year and provide tools, pedometers, classes, and physical activity options in collaboration with several county partners.” 

The current series of classes are being offered at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital.  Interested individuals should come to a FREE weight-loss and health program on Wednesday evenings from 7:00PM to 8:00PM at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital (Café Conference Room #2, Basement level).

The series through the rest of 2013 will include:
  • November 6 - Portion Control and Understanding Labels
  • November 13 - Menu Planning
  • November 20 – Staying Motivated While Losing Weight
  • December 4 – Weight Loss and Weight Management
  • December 18-Desserts That Help You Slim –Tastings Offered

The Good Life, sponsored by the Wayne County Rural Health Network, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Wayne County Action Program, Trail Works, Sodus Central School, and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, is a FREE program that offers incentives, education and options for your family to become healthier.  The program helps families reach their weight loss goals by focusing on step-by-step guidance on weight loss, nutrition, health care, and physical activity.

The Good Life program was designed to be utilized by “family units” (including at least two individuals with at least one person over 18 years of age to qualify). For more information, call Emilie Sisson at the Wayne County Rural Health Network at (315) 483-3200. The Wayne County Rural Health Network and The Good Life are funded by grants from the NYS Department of Health, Office of Rural Health. The program will be repeated again in early 2014 and twice yearly through 2018.

*After obtaining your family’s goals at the end of one year