New Outpatient Wound Healing Center Opens In Irondequoit

December 16, 2013

Eastern Monroe County's first wound-care facility 

In an alliance with St. Ann’s Community, Rochester General Health System has launched an outpatient center dedicated to providing advanced care to patients with complex or hard-to-heal wounds. The Rochester General Wound Healing Center is on the Irondequoit campus of St. Ann’s Community, 1500 Portland Ave., across the street from Rochester General Hospital. It is the first wound center in eastern Monroe County.
The Center’s services may be ideal for any patient with a wound that has not begun to heal within two weeks or is not completely healed in four weeks. Many of the wounds to be treated at the Center are the result of chronic conditions including diabetes and circulatory issues, or have resulted from a surgical incision, burn, or pressure-related sore.woundHealing

A physician referral is not needed to make an appointment. Patients can call 922-HEAL (4325) to schedule an appointment today, or visit for more information.

Advanced treatments at the Wound Healing Center include the use of compression bandages, total contact casting to reduce pressure on wounds of the feet, negative pressure therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which relies upon a sealed hyperbaric chamber to treat wounds by delivering additional oxygen to the wound site.

At 42 inches in diameter, the facility’s twin HBOT units are the most spacious hyperbaric chambers now in use in the Rochester region. The increased capacity in these state-of-the-art chambers will enhance patient comfort during hyperbaric treatment sessions.

“Wound care is another example of a high-value community service that can be efficiently delivered outside of a traditional hospital setting,” said Hugh Thomas, senior vice president of ambulatory care and general counsel at RGHS. “This new Wound Healing Center is distinguished not only by a highly experienced team using the most modern technology, but by a sincere commitment between two leading health care organizations to deliver the best care with optimal value and patient satisfaction.”

“We are pleased to offer healing services for people throughout the greater Rochester area who need this kind of specialized care,” said Kim Petrone, MD, associate medical director of St. Ann’s Community and a certified wound specialist. “This collaboration with Rochester General brings many much-needed benefits to our community.