Clinical Integration of NWCH

March 7, 2014
Sands-Constellation Heart Institute Name Signifies Consistent, High-Quality Care throughout Rochester General Health System

NEWARK, NY – In recognition of the integrated services linking cardiac care between the two hospital affiliates of Rochester General Health System (RGHS), Newark-Wayne Community Hospital’s (NWCH) cardiac program was renamed the Sands-Constellation Heart Institute (SCHI) in a dedication ceremony held today on the Newark-Wayne campus.

The name change signifies the clinical integration of cardiac services within the health system, which links Newark-Wayne’s cardiac personnel and processes with that of Rochester General Hospital, where SCHI has earned high state and national rankings for cardiac care. The two hospitals have operated as one unified team for several years, with shared operations and leadership and closely coordinated communications ensuring seamless care for all patients, no matter where that care is received.

Improved continuity of care within broad geographic areas is one of the key elements of health care reform. RGHS has consistently earned national recognition for successfully integrating clinical processes throughout the system’s eight affiliates.

“Although Newark-Wayne’s cardiac program is being officially renamed today, the principles of the Sands-Constellation Heart Institute have been active here for some time, bringing nationally recognized, high-quality cardiac care closer to home for Finger Lakes patients,” said Mark Clement, President and CEO of Rochester General Health System. “This new name announces to the community that great cardiac medicine is practiced here.”

The Sands-Constellation Heart Institute has earned consistent recognition as a national leader in cardiac care. Most recently, RGH received the highest marks among New York State cardiac programs in a 2014 report from CareChex®, the quality rating service of Comparion Medical Analytics, based on criteria including mortality and complication rates, patient satisfaction, and standardized indicators of patient safety and inpatient quality.

“When you come through the doors of our state-of-the-art ED, you enter a system whose total capabilities far surpass those of a typical rural hospital,” said NWCH President Mark Klyczek. “We’re a solid link in the chain of continuous care that makes our health system such a reliable provider for a wide and growing part of western and central New York.”


Pictured Above: Robert Havrilla, Chair, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Board of Directors; Deborah Stamps, Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer; Arun Nagpaul, MD, Medical Director; Amy Craib, Vice President, Rochester Heart Institute; Adel Soliman, MD, Cardiologist, Westfall Cardiology; Ronald Kirshner, MD, Chief of Cardiac Services and Cardiothoracic Surgery, Rochester General Health System (RGHS); Mark Clement, President & CEO, RGHS; Mark Klyczek, President, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital

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