Rochester General Hospital Celebrates the 25th Year of the School-to-Work Program

May 16, 2014
Mayor Lovely Warren attends graduation of 19 students at RGH

In 1989 Rochester General Hospital reached out to the Rochester City School District to collaborate in a program that we hoped would alter the life paths of at-risk students, while cultivating a new source of healthcare workers. The result –for yap1the last 25 years, RCSD high school juniors and seniors have participated in the School-to-Work Youth Apprenticeship Program (YAP). Each year more than a dozen students – who must maintain a 2.5 grade point average in core courses as well as a 94% attendance rate at both school and work – attend regular classes at their high school in the morning and spend afternoons working at Rochester General, rotating every ten weeks through different areas of the hospital. With oversight from the YAP coordinator, Rochester General Team Members volunteer as job coaches and mentors who provide students with personalized, work-based learning, evaluation, and mentoring. Students also receive healthcare-related training, such as CPR certification, safe patient handling, and medical terminology. Many of the students continue their journey in healthcare as nurses, doctors, physical therapists etc….Congratulations to all of the new graduates!