Excellence in Action – Falls Prevention

November 04, 2014

Falls can lead to injury, resulting in the need for medical interventions and increasing a patient’s stay. Because falls can happen to any hospital patient at any time, it is everyone’s responsibility to assist in keeping patients safe while in the hospital. To promote an understanding of fall risks, the Fall Prevention Education Committee (a subcommittee of the Falls Prevention Steering Team) and the Institute for Patient Safety hosted an event titled “The Room of Horrors”, in the spirit of Halloween.

Because this is an educational event, staff members were given blank index cards and tasked with reviewing scenario and noting any hazards they observed. When they were finished, they placed their cards into a box for an opportunity to win a prize for their participation. Committee members hosting the event played their part by wearing witches hats and red socks, which signify a patient is a high fall risk.

Hundreds of team members attended the event, from environmental services to nursing to senior leaders in many departments. The event was a great success, with many participants commenting that it provided an interactive and creative way to learn more about fall hazards.