Statement From Rochester Regional Health System

February 28, 2015

We have treated patients at Rochester General Hospital for necrotizing fasciitis, sometimes referred to as flesh eating bacteria. Out of respect for the patients and their families, we cannot address discuss any specific cases. 

Rochester General follows the most stringent and up-to-date protection and isolation precaution measures possible in order to protect our patients, employees, and the community.  These measures are very stringent and follow public health and CDC guidelines for infection protection and isolation.

The patients who were admitted to Rochester General did not become ill as a result of an infection they contracted at the hospital.  We are partnering with state and local health department to determine if they are in fact linked to each other or to other possible cases in the community.  On this issue and others, we work closely with them to protect the health of those we serve.

Rochester Regional Health System is committed to providing excellent care to everyone in this community who comes to us for care and healing. We take that responsibility very seriously.   

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